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Read what HSE meant to this woman once she took the "Myth of Aging" classes. Now, what can HSE do for you?

Hanna Somatic Education - and what it means to me now?

I have participated in HSE with Richard Eshelman from February 28 through the last class on April 16.

In this participation I have become more aware of my physical body in a very wholistic way.  The physical body can not really be separated from the emotional, the intellectual, the social, the spiritual, or myriad other bodies I experience in my daily life.  I came to the HSE classes because I am very concerned with what appears to be the degeneration of my physical body as I approach my mid-fifties.  Walking upstairs, especially when carrying anything significant such as my book bag, or groceries had become noticeably more of a challenge.  My knees complained rather heartily and I have had recurring pain from an injury resulting in a broken tibia and ankle 19 years ago.  Through the gentle and enjoyable stretching exercises I have begun to be in touch with the connectedness of my limbs, joints, back, mid-section, neck, head, eyes, and extremities as a whole.  This has helped me greatly to have a clear respect for the full physical system that I once took nearly for granted.   The days of taking movement and the miracle of the interconnectedness of the body system for granted are over.  I appreciate the exercises and what they can do to help me become more flexible and more pain-free.  Going up the stairs is easier, yes!  I am getting back in touch with my ankle that has had major limits to its range of motion since the break in 1990.  Another advantage is working on a sense of self-discipline and respect that inspires me to practice the exercises on a daily basis.  They only take about 20-25 minutes to do with benefits that are truly valuable.  Through this class I have learned that getting older is not so bad now that I have some practical and user-friendly tools in the Hanna Somatic Exercises that with heightened discipline help me to enjoy movement and exercise more freely.  

Here is another letter written by a client:

Some comments on Hanna Somatics as taught by Richard Eshelman  
By Mary Alm 
     Earlier this year Richard Eshelman offered a course in a form of movement education/bodywork known as Hanna Somatics (and for simply the price of an Ithaca Health Fund membership and some contribution towards space rental -i.e. no income for himself).    
     Richard and I went to massage school together many years ago, and Richard told me about Hanna Somatics when we ran into each other at the Farmers’ Market one year.  His description made me quite interested in the work but I didn’t pursue it more at the time.    
     Last fall a friend of mine came back from a retreat and told me of his positive, productive experience receiving a type of bodywork called Hanna Somatics there. I contacted Richard and bought some more sessions for this friend for a Christmas present.  More feedback on the efficacy of this work subsequently came from my friend. So when Richard offered this course I jumped on it even though my life was in severe chaos at the time.  I did not regret that choice.    
     Hanna Somatics grew out of a type of movement education/bodywork called The Feldenkrais Method, also known as Awareness Through Movement.  In Hanna Somatics work, the process of paying close attention to specific movements results in increased health and elongation of the involved muscular tissue, achieved via the nervous system – muscular interface, and a change in the neuro pathways involved with the muscle(s).    This resulted in my muscles being ‘not-so-locked-up’, more ease in movement and a more balanced, solid feeling in my body.  Each time I attended class I experienced these benefits, and also when I practiced.  I could tell that if my life was not in so much crisis (and I could practice regularly), the benefits would be compounded.    
     Richard has a calm, relaxing, and accepting teaching style.  He accepted each student’s awareness level, and provided an easy going environment.  Richard also gave significant individual attention/instruction, sometimes offering a fair amount of after-class-hours for individual attention.  When this series of classes ended, Richard went away for a month, but not before offering to lend his series of tapes on the class contents to his students, further confirming his generosity and commitment to sharing this work.   
     In conclusion, this class really worked for me, my body did elongate, I was calmer and stronger and more at peace.  I recommend it.

Here is another statement by a client after receiving a 4 week series of private sessions with me:

     Since starting Hanna Somatics with Richard I have found numerous benefits including less muscle stiffness, quicker recovery times, increased flexibility and greater injury prevention.   The daily routine I now follow helps me to unwind and de-stress at the end of each day. Plus, the gentle movements have helped me have better awareness of my physical and mental states.   Finally, Richard's precision and focus throughout the sessions and his total belief in the process are impressive.  I would strongly recommend it to anybody.